About the Program

Graduate Program in Information Science – PGCIN

The Graduate Program in Information Science (PGCIN) at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina offers master’s and doctoral degree courses that prepare students to become highly qualified professionals, able to (i) research the theory, methodology, and practice of production, communication, and representation of information and knowledge; and (ii) study processes, environments, services, products, and management systems of information and knowledge.

Admission to the Master’s and Doctoral degree programs occurs once a year and requires approval in a selection process. The candidates must present an undergraduate or graduate degree in any discipline, a curriculum in Lattes format; submit a research proposal; participate in a written exam and in an interview. Dissertation and thesis proposals will be evaluated according to the quality of the proposal, the appropriateness to the chosen research topic, and the possibility to identify a supervisor. Proficiency in Portuguese is required for foreign students.