Inter-institutional Programs

MINTER (Interinstitutional Master’s Degree) and DINTER (Interinstitutional Doctoral Degree) are interinstitutional programs aimed at training qualified human resources at the master’s and doctoral levels for socio-economic, cultural, scientific, technological and innovation development in the national and international context.


  • to enable the graduate-level training of professors from Higher Education Institutions;
  • to prepare, at the master’s and doctoral levels, the permanent faculty members from institutions far from the major centers of teaching and research, in order to reduce the asymmetries that exist today;
  • foster academic production and strengthen, in the participating institutions, lines of research that respond to demands related to local and regional development.

MINTER  and DINTER classes can only be proposed by programs graded 4 or higher in the National Graduate System, to meet specific external demands, either public or private, for education or service, and with strong social impact.

NORMATIVE RESOLUTION No. 4/CPG/2019, of March 20, 2019 provides for the creation of master’s and doctoral degree programs and the offer of interinstitutional and off-campus master’s and doctoral classes.